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Interested in learning all the classes available within the game? We've written a summary overview of all the classes currently open to the public within the alpha. We plan to introduce more classes as we move on, but we're confident in showcasing these ones for now.

Available Classes:

A stealthy assassin that fights from the shadows, preferring to hit his foes quick and quickly from behind to end fights.
Primary Stats: DEX, SPD, STR
Difficulty: Medium
Weapons: Swords, daggers
Abilities: Slap Chop, Invisibility, Venomous Blow, Duplication, Dash Step and Assassination
A powerful warrior whose strength increases as his health gets lower. He is able to deal lethal blows and adapt to any fight he encounters.
Primary Stats: STR, END
Difficulty: Easy
Weapons: Axes, lances, swords, spears
Abilities: Blood Rush, Blunt Strike, Leaping Strike, Sharpen Up!, Total Focus, and Frenzy Slash
Obsessed with the power of flames, tactical placement of his gas tank allows the Pyromancer to unleash power AoE attacks in all directions of the map.
Primary Stats: INT, SPR, SPD
Difficulty: Hard
Weapons: Staves
Abilities: Tank!, Quick Burst, Kickin It!, Consumable Flame, Cross Fire, and Open Furnace
A dark magician with the ability to resurrect fallen foes to increase his power. Hexes, curses and dark magic are all apart of his arsenal.
Primary Stats: INT, SPR
Difficulty: Medium
Weapons: Staves
Abilities: Dark Sphere, Hex, Blood Bath, Undead Ritual, Venom Pool, Dark Resurrection
A curative caster with unique spells that aid his allies in battles and against undead forces.
Primary Stats: INT, SPR, END
Difficulty: Hard
Weapons: Staves
Abilities: Fairy Sprinkle, Sticks n' Stones, Acqua Santa, Fairy Box, Scented Breeze and Cheeky Bowney
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